QR Codes & You

"What is a QR Code? Does my mobile site have one? What do I do with it?"

What's a QR Code?

QR codes are those funny looking bar-code type squares that are popping up with greater and greater frequency these days:


They function just like a scanable bar code only instead of having a SKU and related product price information encoded in them, they have a URL embedded. To use them, a user scans the code using one of the many and freely available QR code scanning applications that are widely available for every mobile device, and they're automatically taken to the encoded website. This creates an easy way to get the URL of your mobile site out there to start driving traffic to it. You don't have to clutter up your printed assets with lengthy URLs, and your audience doesn't have to deal with trying to remember those lengthy URLs, or, stop to type those URLs into their mobile browsers. They just scan and go!

Do MoFuse Mobile Sites Have Them?

Yep! When you log in to your MoFuse account, on the left hand side of the interface you'll see a link to the 'QR Code Manager'. Click on that to find the QR Code that was created automatically for your mobile site's URL.

What Do I Do With It?

You'll be presented with two QR Codes. They are identical in every way save for size.

Clicking the 'Download' button beneath either of them will download that size QR code to your computer.

Now what? Sky is pretty much the limit! Some common uses for QR codes are:

  • Printed on business cards
  • Printed on promotional materials, flyers, or marketing collateral
  • Printed on product labels or packaging
  • Printed within product catalogs
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