Mobile Sitemaps & Search Engines

My website isn't being found by either Google, Bing or Yahoo search. Why, and how can I fix this?


Your mobile site is accessible to crawls as soon as its created, and will be indexed by both Google and Yahoo at the time that it is crawled; this depends on the amount of links to your mobile site. The MoFuse platform will also automatically generate and submit a sitemap to both search engines.


You can speed up this process if you'd like, by submitting your sitemap  to Google and/or Bing manually at and respectively.

To access your sitemap:

  • Append /sitemap.xml to your mobile website's URL. Examples (Note: be sure to replace 'yourdomain' with the actual domain name of your mobile website):;
  •  Copy the entire contents of the displayed .xml document.
  • The .xml can then be pasted into a new .txt document for upload if needed, or simply pasted into an indicated field when submitting it to a search engine.

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