Adding SEO to Mobile Sites

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There are two ways to add SEO to mobile websites: at the site level, and at the page level

Site Level

Site Level SEO values are used both for the website's homepage, and as defaults for any additional webpages that may not have been "SEO'd". If a webpage DOES have custom SEO on it, the page level SEO will always take precedence over any site level defaults.

To configure Site Level SEO:

  1. Log in to your MoFuse account.
  2. Click on the name of the website you wish to add SEO to.
  3. Click on the Site Settings icon: SiteSettingsIcon.PNG
  4. Click on the "Default Site SEO Settings" link
  5. SEO_Default.JPG 


Page Level

SEO can be added to Page Title and Content Page site elements in two ways:

  • When creating new site elements in the Add Elements page.
  • When editing existing site elements in the Edit Elements page.

At the bottom of the Page Title or Content Page configuration panel, you will find a 'Show SEO Settings' option:   ShowSEO.JPG

Clicking on that link will reveal the SEO settings for that page:


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