Replacing Page Titles With Icons

"How can I replace my page titles with icon buttons?"

Two options! Which one you use is largely dependent on if you're using images that you want to upload to the site, or you're using images hosted online that you will be linking to.

Option 1 - Uploaded Images

  1. Create a Content Page that you will want a user to be able to navigate to after clicking the icon button. Make sure to create and make note of that Content Page's SEO Friendly URL.
  2. Create an Image element, and upload the image you wish to use as the icon.
  3. Add the Content Page's 'SEO Friendly URL' to the 'Image Link' field to link the icon to its target content page.
  4. Click on the 'Edit Elements' pencil icon in the tool bar, and click on your recently created Content Page element to display its editable parameters.
  5. In the Custom CSS field enter:

$this {display:none;}

6. Click 'OK'. That bit of CSS will hide the Content Page's page title link which will only allow the user to see and interact with the image icon.

Option 2 - Image Links

  1. Perform steps #1, #4 and #5 from Option 1 in order to create the target content page.
  2. Create a Content Block (NOT a Content Page) that will function as the main menu on your homepage.
  3. Within that Content Block, use the 'Embed Image' function found in the content formatting toolbar to embed the image that you want to use as a menu icon, making sure to also embed the target Content Page's SEO Friendly URL link within that image, so that when clicked the user will navigate to the desired page.


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