Building a Custom Form Submission Confirmation Screen

Normally when a user fills out a form added to a mobile website and clicks the 'Submit' button, they receive confirmation of the submission with the displaying of whatever text has been entered within the 'Response Text' field under 'Form Options'. But it's possible to build out a whole custom confirmation page if desired, using a bit of javascript.


  • Log in to your MoFuse account, and bring up the website that contains the form you wish to work with.
  • Click on the 'Form Builder' icon.
  • If you're working with an existing form, simply click on the pencil icon next to the form's name. Otherwise you'll be creating a brand new form and will instead enter a name for the form in the 'Enter form title here...' field, and click the 'Create' button.
  • Delete the contents of the 'Response Text' field.

Now the javascript. The below javascript will need to be modified to suit, and ultimately pasted into the 'Conversion Tag' field. Make sure to copy ALL of the below javascript:

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
$('#site_header').remove();$('#a-313924').remove();document.write('<br><img border="0" alt="TEXT"  width="100%"src="IMAGE_URL"');
// ]]></script>

Some things to note:

  • $('#site_header').remove();   -   This removes/hides the header and any logos that might currently be displayed within the header, though only on the customized confirmation page. If you do want the logo or other header elements to be displayed, remove this from the javascript.
  • TEXT  -  This is text that will be displayed on the confirmation page. Customize it as needed.
  • IMAGE_URL   -  This is the image that will be displayed. It must be the URL of the location of the desired image (meaning the image will need to be hosted online somewhere).
  • When customizing the displayed text and the image URL - do NOT delete or otherwise replace or modify the quotation marks surrounding the values.
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