Creating a Custom Domain Name

By default, all MoFuse mobile websites have a URL that follows this schema: <subdomain name> (e.g. But many times, one may want to further customize their domain name. If you already have a desktop website, for example, it is recommended that you customize the domain name to match your desktop site's domain name. 


For example: If the MoFuse desktop website can be found at, a good best practice would be to set up the mobile website so it can be found at


Setting this up is easy:

1) FIRST AND FOREMOST: Make sure you create a CNAME entry on the primary/parent domain!


2) Log into your mobile website, and click on the 'Site Settings' icon.

3) Click on the 'Custom Domain Settings' link, found in the upper right hand corner.customdomainlink.JPG

4) Enter in the desired custom domain name in the 'Domain Name' field, and then click the 'Update' button to save you changes.


NOTE! If you see the following error after clicking the 'Update' button:


It means that you've skipped step #1 (setting up a CNAME entry on the primary domain). Once that step is completed, you'll then be able to configure the custom domain name for your mobile website.



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