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Embedding an RSS feed on a mobile website is as easy as copy/pasting the feed's URL into an RSS element in the 'Add New Elements' page, and then add that RSS element to your mobile site in the 'Site Layout' page. While there are a number of customization options offered within the RSS element itself, it's possible to further customize the RSS feeds through the use of tags embedded in the feed itself.

Each RSS feed should have the following default structure. Note that each individual <channel> will often contain multiple <items> (i.e. multiple articles).


  <title>Channel Title</title>
  <link>Channel Hyperlink</link>
  <description>Channel Description</description>
  <pubDate>Defines last publication date of RSS Feed </pubDate>

    <title>Article Title or Headlink</title>
    <link>Hyperlink to Article</link>
    <description>Article Description</description>


Field Descriptions

<item> — The item element defines distinct content published on your mobile site such as news article or post.  This element must contain a description, link, pubDate and title child elements.
<title> —
The title element provides the item's headline.
<link> —
The link element identifies the URL of a web page associated with the item. This element is used as the item's unique ID and must remain consistent for the purpose of editing and to ensure respective mobile redirection  The URL must begin with the scheme such as "http://" and should be consistent with the base domain of your desktop site. This elements must not contain relative URLs.
The description element contains the item's full content or a summary of its contents, if the <content> tag is provided and 'description for summary is opted'.  This element is displayed as is and any styling or HTML markup must be either escaped with character entities or wrapped using CDATA encoding i.e &lt; ("<")  or <![CDATA[html]]>

<pubDate> — The item's pubDate element is used to order your posts in descending chronologically order; most recent post first.


  <title>MoFuse, Inc</title>
  <description>The Leader in Mobile Web</description>
  <pubDate>Mon, 12 May 2012</pubDate>
    <title>Why Mobile Matters</title>
    <description>Why the mobile web matters to SMBs</description>

    <title>Mobile Site Design</title>
    <description>Mobile web design best practices</description>


Additional customization information and best practices can be found here:

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