Google Adsense Setup Error


You are trying to set up Google Adsense with a mobile site but are getting the below error returned:

Please enter your primary website or URL only (e.g., even if you have multiple websites, domains, and/or mobile webpages.

I don't have any content to monetize yet.

URL must not have a path ( or subdomain ( Learn more


This error can occur when Google doesn't think that you own the target domain. To verify yourself as owner of the domain:

  • Google Webmaster Tools will provide a meta tag to be used for site verification.
  • In the MoFuse platform, for the site/domain in question, cilck on the 'Google Tools' icon, then 'Google Webmaster Tools'.
  • Paste the meta tag into the 'Site Verification' field, and click 'Save'

Adsense can now verify that you are the owner of the domain.





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