How are locations determined and reported on with Action Tracking?

MoFuse currently uses the IP Geo Location of the device in order to determine the location of where the 'action' occurred when a user was viewing the mobile site.  The IP Geo Location is reasonably accurate.  There is a more accurate method which uses the device's actual GPS location. However when we use this then as the person takes the action - for example click's to call your business- the 'pesky' permission question comes up "may we use your location?".   We think this question gets in the way of the actual action.

Imagine how frustrating it would be to 'click to call' a restaurant and before you can call them you have to answer the question - 'can we use your location'.  So we decided to go with the IP Geo Location which is pretty accurate.  Using this method, we collect the information from the mobile site connection via IP rather than from the actual device.


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