Custom Link to Desktop Site Not Working

I created a custom link using a Link element, targeting my desktop site. I've also set up the mobile redirect code on that site. When I click the 'Desktop' link at the bottom of my mobile site, I'm able to navigate to the full desktop site correctly.  But when I click on my custom link, I keep getting redirected back to my mobile site.


When you click on the 'Desktop' link at the bottom of your mobile site and navigate to your desktop site, you'll notice that we're automatically appending a tag to the URL: ?nomobile=1So the URL that appears in your mobile browser will look something like:

That tag is effectively an override that allows the request to bypass the mobile redirect code.

Simply, the URL that was configured in the Link element is just fine - save it's missing that tag. The solution is simple enough:

  • Click on the 'Edit Elements' icon, to get to the Edit Elements page.
  • Click on your Link element to expand it.
  • In the URL field, simply append the tag: /?nomobile=1 to the end of your configured URL, and then click the 'Update' button to save your change.
This will hold true for any images with embedded URLs that target the desktop site's URL.
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