Installing Mobile Redirect Code on IPOWER Sites

After copying your redirect code from your MoFuse account, follow these steps:


  1. Login to your IPOWER web hosting account.
  2. Navigate to your website’s main control panel.
  3. Within your site’s control panel, find the “Shortcuts” menu in the top right corner and click on “Edit website”.
  4. You will be taken to a file manager. From there, click on the “public_html” folder and then find your index.html file.
  5. On the right side of the index.html row, click on the green pencil icon to edit the file.
  6. Find the end of the header section of the index.html file. It should be defined as </head>.
  7. Paste your redirect code immediately before the </head>.
  8. Save and exit the file.
  9. Test to see if your redirect code is working by entering your desktop’s URL in your mobile phone.
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