How to add JavaScript Code on

To Set Up JavaScript  on

    1.    Log in to your Wix account.
    2.    Click Edit Site.
    3.    Click Wix App Market.
    4.     Search HTML, and then select HTML iFrame/Embed..
    5.    Click Add to site.
    6.    (Popup) Select the HTML code from the Mode drop-down list, and copy/paste the JavaScript Redirect code into the box labeled "HTML / embed code".
    7.    Click Update.
    8.    Check the "Show on all pages" checkbox.
    9.    Click Save and Publish.
    10.   (Popup) Switch Off "Display the Mobile Action Bar on my mobile site".
    11.   Now click OK.

Note:  If you have additional issues working within the Wix platform, please contact Wix Support directly. MoFuse Support is not able to offer direct support for the Wix platform.

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