Creating a Site URL

After selecting a new site to add to your account, you will be asked to select a site URL.  You will need to fill out two fields:

  • Site Name: This is where you will enter the name of your site.  This is how your website will be labeled in your MoFuse account.

  • Site URL: This is where you will enter the domain name for your website’s URL.  The platform will automatically add the site name you entered as the domain, but you can change this by entering something different in the Site URL field.  If you are not sure what domain name you will use when your sites is live, you can always change this later and can be changed at any time.  But you cannot create your website without creating a Site Name and URL.  Your domain name will always end with .prohost.mobi.  Even if you have a custom domain that you purchased, you will still need to create a site URL. Directions on using your custom domain can be found here.  After creating both your site name and URL, click on the Next button.


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