Site Settings

This is where you will find the global settings for your website.  There are seven settings you can change within  Site Settings.


In the Basic tab, you can change your site name  and URL if desired:



In the Navigation tab is where the main settings for the site navigation bar are located:


You can choose whether or not to have a navbar on your site (not necessary for a landing page) from here.

You can also pick a location for the navbar:

Above Header = very top of site

Below Header = inserted into site after content


The CSS included in this tab will be included site wide. Only add/modify if you know CSS, as doing so will change the look of the site and has the possibility of breaking parts of your site.

SEO Metadata:

In the SEO Metadata tab is where you would enter page specific SEO information.


Site Description: can be overwritten at the Page Settings level

Site Keywords: can be overwritten at the Page Settings level

Open Graph:

The Open Graph tab allows any site/page to have data added to social platforms.


For example, Facebook will take this information and allow it to have the same functionality as if it were a part of the Facebook application. The can be overwritten at the Page Settings level.


We recommend only using this section if you have an understand of web robots and how they work.  To learn more about web robots, click here.

Google Analytics:

The Mofuse platform provides you with Google Analytics for you to use.  If you'd prefer to use your own Google Analytics ID, you can disable our tracking and implement your ID on this tab.


If you chose to use your own Google Analytics ID, simple uncheck the Enable Google Analytics for this site check box, enter your own ID (provided by Google) in the Google Analytics ID field and click the Save changes button.

Now let's review Page Settings.


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