How to Preview Your Site

MoFuse offers you two ways to preview your site while you are editing it:

  • Preview button - The Preview button is located at the top of the Site Editor where you can view your site in Desktop (default view), Laptop, Tablet and Mobile views within the Site Editor.  When done viewing the site in preview mode, you can click on the Edit button to go back to the Edit function.
  • Go to Live Site link - This link is found on the top right hand side of the Site Editor and allows you to view your site in a separate web browser.  Using this enables you to toggle back and forth between the Site Editor and the site as you are making edits.  If you’ve made an edit in the Site Editor, you will need to refresh your browser window where you are viewing the live site to see the edit (easiest way to do this is using the F5 button on your keyboard).

The last step when you are done editing is to make your site go live.  

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