How to Manage Time Successfully

Time is a very important and dangerous thing. Why is it dangerous? Because if we don't regulate and use it well, then we can be crushed by the time itself. Therefore, we must be able to manage it properly and effectively.

We need to know, in 1 day there are only 24 hours and we must be really good at dividing it. Moreover, as a student, you must be clever in managing the time between learning, hanging out, resting, and helping parents. If we cannot take advantage of time, it will be troublesome for ourselves. As:

  • Time is wasted without producing or getting useful things.
  • Many jobs are piled up and not finished.
  • Your activities or plans fall apart.
  • You cannot rest or study sufficiently because the time for your activities is not well controlled.

How do you divide time correctly?

So that the time you have is not wasted, here are a few tips for dividing time to be effective.

  1. Make class time learning the best time to study.

Prepare material before the lesson begins. If you only have a little time to read all the material, ask a lot. Revisit at a glance the last material so that there isn't much time when the teacher explains the new material.

Listen seriously to what the teacher explains and try to repeat the material you have just obtained in your own language version. This recipe works for preventing the learning system from speeding up overnight because the material will be stored for a long time in our brain.

  1. Create a daily list.

Write briefly 5 tasks that must be done, whether the school or personal, starting from the most important. Also, for small ideas that can be done today, for example, reading 5 pages of Biology lessons.

  1. Plan a weekly schedule.

Make a weekly agenda that contains the schedule of lessons, extracurricular activities or additional tutoring, home assignments, sleep, and meals. Write everything so that the timeline looks. Don't forget to leave blank lines for activities that suddenly appear later on. Even if after including assignment in your weekly schedule you are unable to complete your assignments, then get assignment assistance from academic writers UK from Pro Essay. 

  1. Discipline on the schedule

You should be disciplined about the schedule you have made. Do not let any activities that are left behind so that they accumulate in the end. In addition, share the time for rest, study, and play with the best. Do not let excessive playing time or even less rest time.

  1. Use your daytime as possible.

At university, you can first read the subject matter before the teacher enters the class. Likewise, after the lesson is finished, make a small summary of the new material. To be easy to remember to write the material on small cards, or other places that are easy to read again. Set as much study time as possible when the day is still bright. Try to find a quiet place that is quiet or not noisy so you can concentrate.

  1. Create a personal semester calendar.

Give special signs on the wall calendar or table every special date, for example, the date of the exam. Write all these special dates plus the activities in a small calendar that can be taken anywhere. A good example is a daily planner.

  1. Do as much as possible.

If there are learning equipment that is not owned, you can find another method that has the same results so that it doesn't become an obstacle. Try to work as well as you can according to your ability, you don't need to be 100% perfect, the important thing is to try first.

  1. Concentration and focus.

At each activity, try to stay focused and concentrate on the material being followed, for example by being active. For blood flow to continue smoothly, rest for 5-10 minutes every 30 - 40 minutes.

  1. Set a time limit for all your small plans or ideas.

If you successfully reward your work. Hard work is good but there is nothing wrong for us if we celebrate our labor. As long as you don't overdo it and make it a motivation for your next vision.  Appreciate yourself by making plans, schedules, and ideas that are in accordance with personal conditions.

We also have to be realistic about our current condition. Don't overdo it or get tired because we might be stressed or depressed.

Ending Note

If we try to apply the above tips correctly and sincerely, then we will feel the positive benefits to ourselves, including:

We become more disciplined. Not only time discipline but also discipline towards our activities or activities so that the possibility of a waste of time in vain will be smaller. Feeling lazy will eventually disappear and gradually become more diligent because of the schedule that we have to make.

Author’s Bio

Jasmine Freeman has just completed her master’s in mass communication. She is running a digital marketing company in the UK successfully and she further aims to work for human rights.  




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