Simple Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

In this article you will find a list of really very easy compare and contrast essay topics as well as some basic points that a writer must know before writing these kinds of essays. There are a lot of topics available of all natures but only the right one must be chosen for a quality essay.

Basic points and compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Are they easy? Many people are under this opinion that these essays are quite easy as all you have to do is write down how two things are similar and different from each other. Well, that might be easy but the challenging part is the explanation part. You have to explain why the listed points matter to gather up more material in your essay and this could only be done if you have done thorough research on the given topic.
  2. How to choose compare and contrast essay topics? It is very important that you choose the right topic for compare and contrast essay to present a well-written article. The compare and contrast essay topics should be of your interest so you can research well on it. There must be enough similarities and differences for you to write in the compare and contrast essay topics that you have chosen. Some writers also prefer to write their opinions as well.
  3. List of compare and contrast essay topics:
  • Compare and Contrast Sedan to SUV
  • Compare and Contrast college and high school
  • Compare and contrast Prom night to Halloween night
  • Compare and Contrast weed to flowers
  • Compare and Contrast male customers to female customers
  • Compare and Contrast Christmas to Thanksgiving
  • Compare and contrast comedy and tragedy
  • Compare and contrast a big dog with a small dog
  • Compare and contrast your two most favourite hotels
  • Compare and contrast live in relationship and marriage
  • Compare and contrast McDonald’s to Burger King
  • Compare and Contrast  blizzards with storms
  • Compare and Contrast shopping malls and online shopping
  • Compare and Contrast two favourite movies
  • Compare and Contrast the two World Wars



Compare and Contrast essay topics are available in almost all types but you need to choose the right one according to your interest and knowledge. You not only need to list down the differences and similarities but also write why they matter and therefore one must have sufficient knowledge about the topic. The topic could be Compare and Contrast weed to flowers, Compare and contrast boredom and fear etc. 


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