online education advantages and disadvantages

online education is becoming trending due to pandemic COVID 19. parents do not want to take risks for their kids. because COVID 19 is a contagious pandemic. it spread one to another. hence people prefer online classes, online tuition, or online teaching. the advantages of online teachings are - it saves time, because in online teaching we avoid physical classes, apart from that it saves human efforts I mean traveling to the coaching classes. therefore it also saves traveling costs.

besides, the advantages of online education there are a lot of disadvantages that occur.. for example - traditionally classes are much better than online classes. why we say better? because when a student sits in traditionally coaching classes he/she can discuss with the teacher or their classmates. there a lot of question queries, doubts in a student's mind when he/she attends the classes. some students are shy the hesitate to ask any doubt from their teachers. hence they ask their classmates or friends for the same doubts.

when we learn at home with online classes, our concentration can break, due to the absence of a classroom environment. apart from that, there can some disturbing elements at our home. while in the specific classroom generally there is no disturbing environment.

so, traditionally classrooms play a big role than online classrooms.
the advantage of online classes is that we can watch the same lecture or video repeatedly. we can download the lecture or watch again and again.

in this pandemic, we have been managing their problems for the few months and next few months we also have to manage in department/ sector. so, there are big responsibilities for parents and guardians to the care of their kids/children. generally, kids do not take these problems seriously. because most of the students do not like to study. they like holidays, games, sports, etc.

so, parents have to focus on their child's career and future. they have to check their child's progress report on a daily basis, weekly or monthly basis. schools and colleges are not open till now. there is a big risk among the people about the pandemic. meanwhile, we have to focus on our mental and physical health. so that we can boost up our immune system as well as our minds.

as you know almost all the school and college examinations are being delayed day by day. Students can lose one to two years of their career. so, there needs to b careful about the future of students. online education is one of the best options in the scenario. there are a lot of tutors who are providing online tuition at a different and affordable cost. one problem is how to check the ability of an online tutor. the simple thing is you can ask the tutors a 2 or 3 days free demo and then decide. another option is you can ask your old tutor for online classes. there are a lot of reputed online tutor providers in the market.

you can search online, see the reviews, comments, and ratings then decide and start. don't waste your time
keep patience, be happy.

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