Doping in Sports Essay

What behavior and performance do people expect from professional athletes? The answer is intense training, dedication to sport and honesty. Regular spectators and TV viewers expect to see transparent results and fair competition. It is the quintessence of any sport, honesty, and rivalry; remove it, and what’s left is not even worth the spectator’s attention. Doping is an illegal way to enhance an athlete’s performance and achieve exemplary heights. It causes athletes to make less of an effort. The use of doping can reduce the quintessence of all sports.

Nowadays there is a serious problem of doping in professional sports. This problem involves a list of questions, which are required to be answered: how to improve the doping control, which drugs should be banned, which measures should be taken for the athletes who have violated the rules. But what do we know about doping except for the information that is presented by the mass media? When observing doping in modern sports, it is important to shatter the myths concerning drug use and describe real facts.


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